The Magic Of Listening

It is very rewarding to hear my students saying they love to listen to a piece of music or a particular style. They come to my lessons excited about new discoveries, interested to learn more about an specific style or composer, and that makes me feel very proud of them.

It means to me that they care of developing not only their clarinet playing skills but their musical ability and expressiveness, which in my opinion improves other musical aspects as well, such as a sense of rhythm and tempo. In addition, when listening to music the ear develops an extra ‘awareness’ of different performing way, and therefore we become capable of giving an opinion based on our own musical taste.

Being able to make music when performing requires not only a certain control of the technical skills in your instrument but also lots of previous ear training. In my opinion, a musician who sits in a room to just practise and play for him/herself is missing one of the most valuable parts of music. Unless you have been obliged to get involved in this art, anyone with a minimum interest in music is because they have been emotionally attracted before and so they know they would like to deepen the ability of playing or singing.

Therefore, anyone interested in becoming a real musician should enhance their perspective about music, in the same way that a football player try to get good at playing by attending football matches and learning from other players.

Let’s not deprive ourselves of this fascinating art. 🙂

"A musician's whole life is to listen." Wynton Marsalis


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